Smart rules & alerts
Search with simple text, keyword, wildcard or RegEx to 
find the exact information you need.
Locate text that appears in any sites or apps including images and videos in real-time.
View a recording of the user’s desktop at the time they were exposed to sensitive data.
Build rules to take automated action when certain text/pattern appears on a user’s screen.
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Alerts and e-mail reports
Authomatic alerts make a monitoring system a powerful instrument for incidents prevention and timely investigations. When you receive an alert on violation you can proceed to the steps to prevent possible data breach. In StaffCop, alerts can be set-up for all the policies that you create: e.g visiting of a specific web-site, connection of a USB drive, an e-mail to a specific e-mail address.
Alerts in the StaffCop Admin Panel
When you have your corporate policies with notifications setup, you will be notified in the Admin Panel each time a policy is triggered. The figure in the red circle shows the amount of times the policy has been triggered. At the screenshot below we can see that someone sent or recieved a credit card number.
E-mail reports or alerts
Besides, e-mail notifications or reports can be set-up. If we choose "New", an e-mail will be sent each time a policy is triggered. If we choose "Daily", "Weekly" or "Monthly" a report with the list of facts on the policy will be sent for a corresponding period of time. You can setup different filters for different departments, in this case a head of sales department will get the report only on his (her) employees.
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