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StaffCop for Financial Services: Identify and Stop Insider Threats
The Financial Services industry is a prime target for attacks from both internal and external threats. The reasons are obvious: this industry handles what the criminals want most — money, intellectual property, trade secrets and personal information.
While outside threats to the financial industry are significant and many, the biggest source of threat comes from the inside. Furthermore, a majority of insider attacks are from “inadvertent actors”, such as employees who succumb to phishing attacks. There are also threats which might seem external but are actually insider threats in disguise. For example, a ’secure’ financial services company may expose itself to dangers when it gives access to its internal system to a fintech startup, who might have a weaker security system. As another example, banks continue to outsource many operations to third-party vendors for efficiency and cost savings. However, this opens up a new avenue of threats for both the banks and their customers.
In order to stay ahead of all these insider threats, financial services organizations need to widen their cybersecurity measures to include insider threat detection and data loss prevention solutions as part of their security toolbox while also enabling them to comply with security and data privacy regulations.

StaffCop Combines Activity Monitoring, Threat Detection and Data Loss Prevention into a Single Integrated Solution
StaffCop is designed to assist the financial sector address data loss, cybersecurity and insider threats with its user activity monitoring, insider threat detection and data loss prevention solution. With StaffCop, financial services organizations can implement effective endpoint monitoring to ensure adherence to regulatory compliance when it comes to protecting sensitive financial and personal data. Here are a few examples of what a financial services organization can achieve with StaffCop:
Automatically locate important data and detect when it’s at risk.
Stop data and IP theft, sabotage, fraud and other insider threats.
Detect insider trading by identifying when a user saw privileged information.
Restrict third-party access to confidential data.
Prevent document exfiltration over external drives, Cloud applications like Office 365, social media, email or file sharing sites like Dropbox, Google Drive.
Block execution of unauthorized applications to minimize scam, ransomware, malware or virus infection.
Conform with regulatory compliance.
Real-Time User Activity Monitoring for Early Warning
Monitor all user activity covering 22+ system objects like: web pages, apps, email, file transfers, instant messaging, social media and more.
Productivity Analysis
Tell StaffCop which applications and websites you consider productive then get in-depth reports on how your employees and departments spend their time. Identify high performing employees and those who need improvement.
Detect Insider Threats with Intelligent Behavior Analysis
Intelligent behavior analysis can detect malicious activity and anomalies that indicate deviation from normal behavior.
Investigate Data Leak Incidents with Digital Forensics and Audit
In case of a security incident, session recording, alert reports and immutable logs provide a vast collection of forensic data to locate the source and target with pinpoint accuracy. The recordings can be used as evidence for further investigation or legal purposes.
Preventive Defense with Powerful Policy and Rules Engine
Create your own rules with an intuitive, visual Policy & Rules editor. Find and categorize classified and sensitive data to apply exfiltration prevention rules. Use identity-based authentication, privileged user monitoring and applying principle of least privilege (POLP) to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.
Protect Your Firm from 3rd-Party Threats:
Monitor external and privileged users like third party vendors, remote users and IT admins who have access to your critical systems to prevent sabotage or data theft.
Financial Services is One of the Most Vulnerable Industries from Both Internal and External Threats:
Financial Services has the Highest Cost of Cyber Crime
According to a 2017 report, cyber crimes in financial services companies have the highest annualized cost. Source: Accenture.
$28M+ Average Annualized Cost of Cyber Crime
Majority of Cyber Attacks are Financially Motivated
A 2018 Breach Investigation Report found that 76 percent of cyber attacks are motivated by money. Source: Verizon.
76% of Cyber Attacks are Financially Motivated
Financial Services Firms are Attacked 300X More
A typical U.S. business is attacked 4 million times per year, in contrast, a U.S. financial services firm is attacked 1 bilion times per year. Source: Forbes.
1B/Yr  is How Often a Typical U.S. FS Firm is Attacked
15%  Malicious Insider
Inadvertent Users are One of the Main Reasons of Threats
53% of insider attacks comes from inadvertent actors. Financial services experienced the highest level of threat from inadvertent actors. Source: IBM.
53% Insider Attacks Come from Inadvertent Users
StaffCop Helps You Comply With SEC Cybersecurity Guidelines:
Data Inventory

– Detailed inventory of assets, information and users
StaffCop helps you keep track of all users, endpoints and data repositories with its Monitoring Agent. Individual user session, files and network resources are tracked with 22+ system object monitoring features.
Cyber security
– Penetration testing
– Security monitoring and audit
– Access control
– Reporting
StaffCop’s Policy & Rules Editor lets you conduct mock tests and drills for threats like insider attacks, insider trading, sabotage etc. It comes with detailed alerts and reports for data leaks and breach incident investigation. In addition, StaffCop lets you control access to sensitive resources and data by adhering to principle of least privilege (POLP).
– Vulnerability scan
– Patch management
Dynamic risk scoring and vulnerabilities scanning identify high risk users, failing policies and applications before they can cause damage.
Establish & enforce controls
– Acceptable use policy
– Third-party vendor activity log
– Termination of access
StaffCop lets you monitor and enforce security rules for external and privileged users like third party vendors, remote users and IT admins.
Mandatory training
– Employee education and training
Video recording of potential threat scenarios and other insights derived from the various reports and etiquette rules can be used to train new employees about information security best practices.
– Engagement of senior management
StaffCop’s Enterprise dashboard lets senior management and CSO stay on top of their organization’s security health with real-time threat reports, user activity KPIs and risk trends.
Establish Organization-
Wide Visibility and Control
Visually records every action that an employee makes for over 22 objects including screen, apps, websites, files, emails, etc. Each object can be configured to take into consideration what needs to be monitored and measured and who has access to the monitored records. You can control which employees or third-party vendors to monitor, how much you want to monitor, when and for how long. This allows for both instant administrative viewing and respect employee privacy requirements as needed.
Data Loss Prevention & Egress Control
StaffCop helps you put exfiltration and egress controls in place to monitor and prevent illicit sharing of information. For example, File Transfer rules to block use of removable media. Or use dedicated Application rules to limit or completely disable social media and IMs to prevent potential data leak by social engineering. There are hundreds of use cases where StaffCop can proactively defend your data from malicious or accidental leaks or misuse
Behavioral Anomaly Detection
Define what constitutes dangerous or harmful user behavior and StaffCop’s sophisticated anomaly engine will automatically detect when a user, department or group deviates from their normal parameters or exceeds acceptable risk levels. For example, get notified if a user sends too many attachments or prints more pages than normal. StaffCop can detect anomalies in applications, emails, network, file activities, printing and more. Immediately get notified about harmful user activity, lock out user or take remote control of the compromised system before any malicious or fraudulent attempts are made.
Privileged User and Third-Party Monitoring
StaffCop allows organizations to create profiles for privileged users, contractors and other third-parties and then define what information and system resources each profile can access. Further rules can be set up by behavior policies so that access to sensitive information is segregated by the organization’s security policy, or on a need-to-know basis. Rules can also be created to notify the administrators of any suspicious privileged user activity, such as unauthorized changes to system configuration, creation of backdoor accounts, unscheduled logins, a contractor trying to access restricted databases etc.
Digital Forensics and Auditing
Detailed alerts for all users can be viewed including any security incidents and what actions were taken. Warning messages can be configured to inform the users about nonconformity and influence corrective behavior. Session recordings and history playback can be used to view user’s desktop for audit and evidence gathering purposes
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Information Security
Receive the required data “on the fly”. Search by keywords and regular expressions. Record sound from microphones to hear what was happening at the moment of interest.
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Remote Administration
View remote desktop without being notices. Take control over a workstation. Full picture of software and hardware usage. Intensity of usage and registry of states.
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Employee Monitoring  
Categorize applications and web-sites into productive and unproductive. Set up different configurations for particular users, groups and departments. Compare results..
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Flexible Deployment Options
Bare Metal
Install on bare metal from our ISO image containing Ubuntu 18.04 and StaffCop or install StaffCop packages on existing Ubuntu 18.04.
Virtual Machine
Install on any OS as a virtual machine from our ISO image, use Virtual Box, VMWare, Hyper-V or any other virtualization system. Easy administrating without risking the host machine.
Private Cloud
Use your own secure, scalable private cloud implementation including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more.
92% of companies detect serious violations when testing StaffCop
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