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Optimize Workforce Productivity
In today’s competitive marketplace, management teams are tasked with improving and optimizing employee productivity. Increasingly, the following are the questions management is faced with:
How productive are my employees?
Am I dealing with a few under-performing employees or is the whole organization following suite?
What is 'app overload’? Is it affecting my team’s productivity silently?
Am I properly utilizing my remote resources?
Do my employees fully understand what’s expected of them?
How can I ensure that my team is engaged and motivated?

StaffCop Employee Productivity Tools Go Beyond Monitoring and Basic Time Tracking
StaffCop takes a data-centric approach to employee productivity. StaffCop captures virtually all types of user activity and behavior data that can be leveraged to review and analyze user productivity. When properly analyzed through the various analytics tools offered by StaffCop, it allows management to both understand and take steps to increase employee productivity.
Get the ability to have an enterprise-wide oversight with productivity, performance and security KPIs for all uses on a single, intuitive dashboard. Productive, Unproductive, Active and idle time tracking shows you how engaged your employees are. Integrated schedule and task management means there is less administrative headache to deal with. Automated rules enforce company policy and decrease unproductive behavior. Track project costs and eliminate waste for not just regular employees but external consultants, remote employees and freelance contractors.
StaffCop Workforce Optimization solutions are more than just an employee productivity tool. It also defends your organization from theft, sabotage and other malicious user activity with built-in insider threat detection and data loss prevention features.
Real-Time Activity Monitoring
Monitor all user activity covering 22+ system objects like: web pages, apps, email, file transfers, instant messaging, social media and more.
Productivity Analysis
Tell StaffCop which applications and websites you consider productive then get in-depth reports on how your employees and departments spend their time. Identify high performing employees and those who need improvement.
Time Tracking
Integrated schedule management, timesheet tracks idle time, attendance, breaks, sick leaves, late shifts, absence etc. Monitor work time, sessions and activity level to see when your users are most productive.
Task Management
Let employees manage their own tasks and track as they switch between different tasks. Or, you can set up tasks that get assigned automatically based on the user's application / website usage.

Automated Behavior Rules
Create monitoring profiles for individual user, group or department. Setup custom behavior rules to limit the use of unproductive applications and websites or send automated notices to alert you about excessive idle time and other anomalies.
Expenses Tracking
 Track work hours and labor costs for consultants, independent contractors and freelancers eliminating the need for manual invoicing.

Continuous Process Improvement
Establish a continuous feedback loop to refine and adjust your organizational workflow through tracking of schedules, projects, employee engagement rate for overall productivity boost.

Industry Statistics Show the Need for
Insider Threat Prevention Solutions
The majority of employees waste time at work
Overall, 80.4% of people waste time at the office according to a recent survery of 2063 adults. Source: GetVOIP Survey.
80%+ of Employees Waste Time at Work
Personal use of web & email cause loss of productivity
64% of employees use non-work related websites and 85% use email for personal reasons every day. Source: FinancesOnline.
64% Browse Unproductive Sites
85% Use Email for Personal Tasks
Employee in the u.s. are disengaged at work
Less than one-third, or 31.5%, of employees in the U.S. reported being "engaged" at the office, according to a study. Source: Gallup.
~70% of Employees are Disengaged at U.S. Companies
Internet misuse alone costs businesses billions
Employees using the web for personal reasons is setting U.S. companies back $178 billion annually according to a study. Source: Websense.
$178B Lost Each Year by U.S. Companies in Web Misuse
Increase Employee Productivity
With StaffCop, track employee activity throughout the day, then aggregate that data to produce detailed metrics, such as:
A breakdown of work-related vs. non-work-related tasks.
Minute-to-minute trend graphs showing how much time is spent on specific projects.
Prioritize important projects and ensure your team is focused on them
Use the various productivity reports to track progress and adjust tasks to ensure you meet your productivity goals.
Intelligent Policy & Rules Engine
Develop your own KPIs and metrics to measure employee engagement: how many hours are your employees active? Maybe they’re spending too much time on social media because they are not challenged? Getting buried under Emails? You can track employee performance over time and see if they are on a decreasing trend. Identify the cause of disengagement and then systematically address them. For example:
Address communication issues by identifying which methods works best for your employees (i.e. email/phone/IM).
Reduce time spend on developing performance reviews by automatically identifying high performing vs laggards.
Provide a continuous, automated feedback based on user behavior & activity.
Identify Process Gaps
Conduct gap analysis and process improvement at individual and team levels by identifying skill gaps, overlap in duties and responsibilities, conflicting goals and accountability etc. As an example, using such rules you found out that a talented software developer of your team is consistently engaging in poor client communications. You can transfer the person to a position which is less customer facing, maximizing the developer’s strengths while also protecting the reputation of the company.
Minimize Waste and Reduce Cost
StaffCop can track employee active vs idle time and allows you to send automated notifications to employees if they are idling excessively. With payroll reports and activity category breakdown, you can build an accurate estimate of which type of works takes how much time and then set your team’s deliverables accordingly reducing slack times and overtime hours. Using the software’s device monitoring feature, you can implement policies like set a limit on printer to reduce paper and ink waste.
Develop Better Management and HR Policies
Use StaffCop to provide a safe work environment by monitoring internal communication channels for harassment, abuse, resentment etc. HR department can use etiquette rules to govern acceptable usage policy and code of conduct when using information technology
Develop training materials and on-demand feedback system regarding company policy by utilizing the session recording and custom alert messaging features. Same can be used for onboarding new staff or as a guide for an exit interview.
Need a More
Comprehensive Solution?
Information Security
Receive the required data “on the fly”. Search by keywords and regular expressions. Record sound from microphones to hear what was happening at the moment of interest. .
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Remote Administration
View remote desktop without being notices. Take control over a workstation. Full picture of software and hardware usage. Intensity of usage and registry of states..
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Employee Monitoring
Categorize applications and web-sites into productive and unproductive. Set up different configurations for particular users, groups and departments. Compare results..
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Flexible Deployment Options
Bare Metal
Install on bare metal from our ISO image containing Ubuntu 18.04 and StaffCop or install StaffCop packages on existing Ubuntu 18.04.
Virtual Machine
Install on any OS as a virtual machine from our ISO image, use Virtual Box, VMWare, Hyper-V or any other virtualization system. Easy administrating without risking the host machine.
Private Cloud
Use your own secure, scalable private cloud implementation including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and more
92% of companies detect serious violations when testing StaffCop
Feature-rich, affordable with annual and perpetual licensing options
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